WE Deliver

Take A Trip Into Vapor, Yeah We Deliver!

Green Acres, NYC’s most successful weed service.

Extremely aloof and always inconspicuous, Mo remains the constant target to a broad spectrum of underworld characters. He fuels his operation with the city’s highest grade which keeps his competitors scrambling. With security, employee and home problems beginning to suffocate Mo, he starts to have doubts about everything.


Green Acres’ newest employee, referred by Kadi. Millie is a single mom putting herself through college by working for Mo. She finds herself being the first female messenger for Green Acres and unsure of the pitfalls that await. Millie will discover very soon the perils of living outside the law.

weed joint puffing away

Green Acres’ main messenger. Sort of a little brother to Mo, he’s been working on and off for years for the service. Eddie’s currently on probation for an assault charge. Through his continuing troubles he remains steadfastly loyal to Mo.

Green Acres’ strangest rider. Leyden moves through life with caution and reluctance. Mo cannot figure out what keeps Leyden working at such a hazardous job. Genuinely skittish and always observing road rules and regulations, Leyden nervously supplies Green Acres customers with product. Despite these obvious liabilities, Mo has a liking for Leyden and feels obliged to keep him employed until he can figure out a way to either help him relax with the job or continue without him.

Record producer and street figure. Smooth and Mo are always involved in something. Smooth respects Mo’s position and his tight-knit business. The two have come together at times in the past to make money from a variety of underworld situations. Smooth hopes to ultimately partner with Mo in the music business. In the meantime he sticks with only Mo’s product as it gets him most blazed.

Smooth’s main MC right now. Tone just signed a production deal with Smooth and hopes to get noticed. He doesn’t want to get caught up in Smooth’s games, he just wants to blow up in the music industry. However he is starting to get leery about his relationship with Smooth and the way Smooth handles his business.